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We provide comprehensive telehealth services to treat
individuals with cognitive or emotional problems 
associated with concussion, traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, ALS, dementia, and other chronic medical conditions.  We  also treat those with anxiety, depression, trauma, or adjustment difficulties that impact daily living. We aim to create a safe, compassionate place for you to strive to make each day you live, your best day.


We also focus on prevention by providing assessments to monitor your brain health across a lifespan, especially for those who may be at higher risk for or more prone to cognitive decline with aging because of genetics, family history, or history of concussions, to name a few. 
Our specialized services are designed to maximize the quality of your life and life satisfaction.
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STEM provides scientifically-informed, innovative, neuropsychological and psychological services and educational opportunities to promote your ongoing recovery, quality of life, and lifetime wellness. We take a preventive approach and offer educational opportunities to promote cognitive and mental health through lifestyle medicine. Consultation services may be requested to help with treatment planning and recommendations. 


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approaches are based on scientific literature in psychology, neuropsychology, rehabilitation, 

mental health technology

and lifestyle medicine.


We offer tele-assessment and treatment services to address cognitive and mood problems, adjustment,

life care planning in health and wellness, with specialization in brain injury, stroke,  dementia, and SCI.


The 4 Phase Model allows for individually-tailored approaches to enhance the effectiveness and application of cognitive and behavioral skills in your everyday living at home, work, or school.



incorporates practical lifestyle strategies and interventions with emphasis on disease prevention, healthy living, and physical and psychological well-being.


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