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We are CA-licensed, neuro-rehabilitation psychologists that value evidence-based approaches and integrate psychological treatments that are founded in theory, research, and practice.  We are trained in the scientist-practitioner model where our assessments and interventions are empirically informed by scientifically-based protocols in psychology, neuropsychology, and rehabilitation. 


We specialize in performing neuropsychological assessments to provide a solid foundation for education and development of an individually-tailored treatment program to maximize your cognitive and emotional recovery and maintenance program. Rehabilitation, recovery, and adjustment is a lifetime endeavor that we hope to help you navigate successfully.


Tiffanie Sim Wong, PhD, ABPP
CA PSY #22759
Daniel Koehler, PsyD
CA  PSY #30854

A Personal Message:

After practicing neuropsychological rehabilitation for more than 15 years, I have realized the scarcity of such specialized services. The path to maximizing your potential of cognitive and emotional health is a lifelong journey. We provide precision-based care to help you to reach your potential and well-being. We focus on the person first and hope to support you on this journey.

Our mission is to make our services accessible and valuable to those in need of specialized care. We also commit to donating to organizations that are dedicated to serve and advocate for individuals with chronic illnesses and disabilities. 

Dr. Koehler specializes in working with individuals across the lifespan as they adjust to, cope with, compensate for, and reintegrate after a wide variety of injuries and illnesses (including but not limited to traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, ALS, tumor resection, orthopedic amputation, cardiac deconditioning, and other neurodegenerative processes). He employs a biopsychosocial model of wellness rooted in brain-behavior components. Utilizing his background in neuropsychological assessment and evidence-based treatment modalities, he tailors treatment to fit each patient’s unique strengths and limitations. He aims to support his clients take back control of their lives, integrating the latest science and technology to maximize functioning.  Dr. Koehler received his doctorate degree at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA and went on to complete his two-year Rehabilitation Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship at the VA Palo Alto. 


  • Board Certified in Rehabilitation Psychology; American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology

  • Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner;  American Board of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Former Neuropsychologist in CARF-accredited comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation, brain injury, stroke specialty, and ASPIRE to Excellence programs

  • Specialization in Integrative Cognitive Rehabilitation Psychotherapy (ICRP) and Evidence-Based Cognitive Rehabilitation approaches (ACRM) 

  • Awarded the American Psychological Association Division 18 VA section for “Outstanding Clinician” -- for exceptional application of evidence-based treatments, modeling clinical excellence, and dissemination of psychological treatments

  • Awarded the American Psychological Association Division 22 Mentoring Award

  • Provider of local, national and global education on brain injury rehabilitation (Health 4 the World)

  • Lifetime advocate of cultural diversity and individual differences

  • Professional Member of Division 22 Rehabilitation Psychology, National Academy of Neuropsychology, and American College of Lifestyle Medicine



  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at University of Maryland Baltimore County

  • Clinical training at VA Palo Alto Health Care System

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