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Customized to provide evidence-based, individually-tailored treatment




At the beginning, STEM will assess whether you may benefit from our services and assist you in meeting you and/or your family needs. The mission of STEM is to help our patients, clients, and loved ones maximize life satisfaction, quality of life, and well-being whether that is with us or another service provider. We hope that we can provide services to help you along your journey of well-being. If you find that we will not be able to address your needs or that we feel that you will benefit from services elsewhere, we will to help to direct you to appropriate services.

STEM utilizes psychological and neuropsychological testing to evaluate cognitive and behavioral issues associated with traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, other neurological conditions, or psychological problems. Testing may involve assessing multiple domains such as attention, processing speed, learning and memory, language, visuospatial skills, other higher-level cognitive abilities, and mood functioning. These evaluations identify emotional and cognitive strengths and weaknesses to determine baseline mental status, monitor of cognitive and behavioral functioning over time, and its potential impact on daily living and work and/or school performance. The assessment may help you and/or your loved one understand your cognitive status and limitations and emotional health, and assist in tailoring individualized interventions to maximize your independence and well-being.


STEM prescribes our recommended course of treatment which may involve psychoeducation, psychological interventions, and/or neuropsychological/cognitive rehabilitation. Treatment may occur weekly in 50-minute individual and/or family sessions and incorporate cognitive-behavioral, dynamic, systems approaches, and lifestyle medicine.


Rehabilitation and lifestyle development is a life-long process.  We incorporate lifestyle medicine to promote cognitive, psychological and physical well-being.  We also emphasize the importance of application of therapy skills at home, school, or work to ensure adoption of adaptive life skills to enhance well-being outside the context of your STEM sessions. We offer booster sessions to help maintain adherence and lifestyle change across the lifespan.

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