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Will my loved one benefit from STEM?
As a family member, would I find benefit?

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Call us to schedule an appointment if you feel that your loved one is having difficulty with any of the following:

  • Problems with concentration, memory, and/or thinking skills

  • Mood, sadness, anxiety, or intrusive thoughts that impact your daily functioning

  • Adjustment and coping with your condition

  • Communication with others

  • Life satisfaction, life planning and/or quality of life

  • OR, if your loved one was given a diagnosis, and you or your loved one do not fully understand or know what to do next.

We hope to provide tailored services to help you address you and your loved ones needs or provide appropriate referrals.

We hope this is the right place for you and your loved one. That is the reason why we discuss your goals and expectations prior to your first appointment and determine if we are the good fit for your needs. We value mutual respect, collaboration, and goal-setting.

Is STEM the right place for myself and my loved one?

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STEM will conduct an initial assessment to address you or your loved one's needs. We may assess for current functioning, personal and family history, and medical history. From that, we may recommend cognitive and psychological assessment to individually tailor our services to address your needs. We will also review office policies, procedures, and assessment and treatment plan and expectations. Please bring any medical records such as list of medications, previous evaluations, or imaging during the first meeting. 

What should I expect from the first appointment?

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Treatment fees at STEM are comparable to the fees of other psychologists with specialties in the San Francisco Bay Area (typically $220-350). Professional fees are discussed with you on the phone prior to your first appointment. We do not accept insurance. We offer slots with lower costs for veterans and for those with special circumstances. Please let us know if you and/or your family member is experiencing a financial hardship. We strive to make our services accessible and affordable for those in need. When you pay the full fee, you support those who have less resources for specialized services. Full payment is expected at the time of the service.

How much does STEM services cost?

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A complete neuropsychological evaluation will vary in cost, depending on how much time is required to assess the presenting condition or problem.  This cost would include the initial interview, review of records, actual testing, scoring/interpretation of test information, report preparation, and a feedback session, totaling up to 12 hours. We are also able to provide an itemized superbill for insurance reimbursement, but we recommend that you contact your insurance company ahead of time to ensure adequate coverage for the evaluation. If you or your family member is experiencing a financial hardship, please let us know.  When you pay the full fee, you support those who have less resources for these specialized services. Given that we only offer tele-assessments, we do not provide legal or forensic evaluations at this time. 

What about the cost of a neuropsychological evaluation?

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Length of treatment depends on the needs of the presenting situation or condition. We will discuss the treatment recommendation and plan after the initial meeting and end treatment based on a mutual collaboration.  We do often encourage "booster" sessions to monitor and maintain you and your loved one's quality of life. We recommend you to talk to us if you have questions about this.

How frequent are sessions and how long will they last?

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