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  Personalized Care  

STEM focuses on individually-tailored care that involves mutual respect, collaboration, and most importantly, stems from scientifically-informed practices and evidence-based treatments.

Individual differences, cultural factors, and diversity are core values in our approach.


We have a 4 Phase Approach that begins with an initial consultation to determine whether you may benefit from our specialty areas and ensure mutual collaboration and fit. Based on scientific evidence, we always focus on assessment first, as research highlights that this is the primary and only way of developing effective and individualized treatment and interventions to help achieve your goals. We incorporate specific approaches and hone in on what works for you.

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We see mostly adults of all age ranges, but may see older adolescents on a case-by-case basis. Consultation services may also available depending on the need and request.

If we cannot provide the service, we strive to provide appropriate referrals for you.

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