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How do I determine if my patient would be a good candidate for STEM?

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Your patient may be a good candidate for STEM if they report cognitive or behavioral difficulties that impact their ability to manage complex activities of daily living at home, work, community, school or leisure. We also provide annual cognitive health check-ups to assess and monitor brain health for those who may be susceptible or at risk for cognitive decline during their lifespan. These may include those with a history of concussions, mild cognitive impairment, family history of dementia/Alzheimer's Disease, or neurological conditions.

Have them call us at (650) 549-1241 for a free 15 minute consultation or to make an appointment with us.

We focus on preventing cognitive decline and optimizing brain and mental health to maximize function, level of independence, and quality of life after brain injury or catastrophic injury. We provide annual cognitive check-ups to establish a baseline of functioning and to monitor cognitive functioning over the lifespan. We value diversity, mutual respect, collaboration, and goal-setting.

What should I tell my patients about STEM?

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This is an outpatient clinic designed to serve patients who live at home and are able to attend appointments or have the resources for tele-mental health sessions.  Patients may be referred if they might benefit from regular annual cognitive check-ups, neuropsychological evaluation, or possible treatment as a result of brain injury or catastrophic injury or mental health conditions. Although individuals maximize their rehabilitation potential during the first several months or even up to 6 months post-injury, we know that patients can continue to benefit from interventions even years after their injury. However, it is important that patients are motivated for treatment services. 

When should I refer a patient?

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We specialize in psychological and cognitive rehabilitation for individuals who have sustained catastrophic injuries or conditions such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, or other psychological stressors that impact function, cognition, mood, and quality of life. We also provide annual cognitive health check-ups that are focused on prevention and early intervention. We are trained in polytrauma.

What is your specialty?

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During cognitive rehabilitation, patients can expect to learn more about:

• Their condition.

• Their specific cognitive deficits.

• Strategies they can use to target their specific cognitive difficulties for better self-management in the  challenges of daily life.

What can my patients expect from cognitive rehabilitation?

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Please call at any time to ensure that our services can meet the needs of your patient. Patients can view our website at, call and leave a message at (650) 549-1241 or email at to schedule an appointment. 

 How do they contact STEM?

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